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Jacobean Crewel


Crewel: CR-1

CR-1 Jacobean Pastoral,
design 12” x 14”

Worked on linen twill using Heathway hand-dyed crewel yarns, Gumnut wools and Pearsall’s silk for accents. This is destined to become a family heirloom.  

$130 - Sold Out!

Crewel: CR-2

CR-2 Cresting the Hill,
design size 6” x 4 ¼”

This sweet little design is worked on plain weave linen using hand-dyed crewel wools, Gumnut Poppies (silk/wool blend), and Pearsall’s silk for accents $46   

Olde Colonial Dowery Box $90.  

Crewel Kit plus Dowery Box $118
Best Buy!

Crewel: CR-3

CR-3 Autumn Frolic,
design size 6” x 7”

Worked on linen twill using Heathway hand-dyed crewel wools, Gumnut Blossoms wool,  Appleton crewel  and Pearsall’s silk for accents. This perky little squirrel will win your heart as he ponders a ripe strawberry.   

$60 - Sold Out!

Crewel: CR-4

CR-4 Elizabethan Pencil Box,
design size 2” x 7.5”

A twirling vine of berries and bees to grace the top of the Olde Colonial Pencil Box.  Or, make a frame weight or pincushion.  Stitched with Heathway  merino crewel, Pearsall’s silk and Gumnuts Poppies (silk/wool blend).  $29

Olde Colonial Pencil Box $80.

Crewel Kit plus Pencil box $99
Best Buy!

New American Crewel

Crewel: NAC-3a

Crewel: NAC-3b

NAC-3a and 3b  Newbury Smalls.
design size 3” x 3”

Two nice beginner pieces that gently take you through the art of crewel. Small enough to finish but interesting enough to keep you stitching.  Worked with Heathway merino crewel and Gumnuts Popppies.

$24 each - Sold Out!

Crewel: NAC-4a

Crewel: NAC-4b

NAC-4a and 4b Charleston Smalls.

Two advanced beginner pieces.  Slightly larger than the Newbury Smalls, the design measure approximately 3.5” x 3.5”. Worked with Heathway merino crewel and Gumnuts Poppies. 

$26 each


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