Heathway Wool

Tristan Brooks is proud to present Heathway yarns from Wales.  Of the finest quality merino wool, each color family comes in 9 beautiful values. They are dyed in small batches by Master Dyer John Cunningham whose grasp of the dyer’s art is second to none. These threads will be perfect for all types of stitching in crewel and needlepoint.  Currently there are 20 color families available for your needle with more waiting their turn in the dye pot. Each color comes in a 10 yard hank with a handy hang tag to store remaining thread.  Larger hanks can be special ordered.

Click on the name of a color family in the list below to view and order specific wool products.

Or you may see all color families on one screen for easy ordering by clicking here.

White/Black Family Laurel Green Family Pomegranate Family
Old Gold Family Indigo Family Drab Family
Sage Family Honey Family Rustic Red Family
Aubergine Family Lapis Family Nut Brown Family
Apple Green Family Gobelin Green Family Willow Family
Bluebell Family Silver Family Teal Family
Dusky Rose Family Fawn Family Cornflower Blue Family
ALL Color Families